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(For more on the SCA and news of a secular concern, go here - SCA Morning Read Archives)


I had planned to get this update out over the weekend but some other things got in the way... On the plus side, my local Atheist group is one step closer to having a more clear picture of our operational history going back to 2008. :-)

Today's Links -


ALTERNET: Barely Literate? How Christian Fundamentalist Homeschooling Hurts Kids

It's patently absurd the bullshit some religious parents use to keep their kids afraid of the world. These kids will be utterly defenseless when it comes time to deal with said world...


Victor Dominocielo: Pseudo-Skepticism and Anti-Science — ‘There’s Just So Much We Don’t Know’

There may be a lot we don't know but we're knowledgeable enough to know bullshit by it's stench, and basing public policy on what is obviously bullshit is a horrible way to run our society.


Santorum: Call Secularism A Religion So We Can Ban It From Public Schools

I've said it before, I'll say it again - Santorum is a fucking idiot! He's a political opportunist of the worst kind. He's an unenlightened, unintellectual evangelical turd and he needs to be laughed off the political stage for good!


Who’s Afraid of a (Mostly) Fictional Bible?

I like this quote - "Either the Bible is the inspired word of God, or it’s not. If it is, then it should only take one passage to condemn an action or an entire class of people."


History Books Becoming Next Fight in Texas Schools

Fuck me...! When is this bullshit going to end...? If Don McLeroy isn't evidence enough that religious wingnuts can't be trusted with education policy, I don't know what is...


Secular group asks Brewer to safeguard taxpayer dollars

Personally, I think people should be allowed to get a tax break by showing proof that they donated to a charity of their choice. That would solve the problem of having to worry about tax dollars going where you wouldn't like them to go...


Man sues NC Dunkin’ Donuts bakery over religious discrimination

No religious exemptions. If you can't do the job you're being hired to do, don't take the job.


Colombian Teen Commits Suicide After Alleged Anti-gay Harassment From Catholic School Administrators

Fucking bigots! Religion needs to die...and soon!


Not really much to say here. Read more Green Lantern, have a good burger now and then and try to get a bit of exercise...


Today's Extra Link(s) (not part of the SCA Morning Read) -


ALTERNET: 5 Things the Religious Right Needs to Learn About the 10 Commandments

It's pretty fucking obvious once you take the time to read the actual documents that the U.S. Constitution has nothing to do with the 10 Commandments...


ALTERNET: 7 Women Working Tirelessly to Screw Over Other Women

I think it's absolutely fucking pathetic that we don't have an Equal Rights Amendment. Phylis Schlafly should be ashamed to call herself a human being...


ALTERNET: 5 Right-Wing Doozies This Week - The Sarah Palin Apology Tour

Pretty self-explanatory... And if not, you really need to get out more...


Christopher Ryan: Are we designed to be sexual omnivores?

An interesting TED talk. Gave me some insights I hadn't yet consider about the species.


Penis size: An evolutionary perspective

Another interesting article on human sexual behavior.


PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: How Hunter-Gatherers Maintained Their Egalitarian Ways

Definitely puts a different twist on modern perspectives.


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"Nostradamus did for bullshit what Stonehenge did for rocks." - Cecil Adams

My name is J. I'm a 30-something loon who doesn't quite know where all the pieces fit, nor do I even know if they are all in the box... I'm an Atheist of the Antitheist variety. What this means is that I reject any and all god claims (as an Atheist) and I stand against all expressions of religion within the human sphere (as an Antitheist). Additionally, I am active in my local Atheist/Humanist scene and support social equality in the broad sense. Anything I can do under the law should be available to all reasonable Americans regardless of circumstance. I take great exception to the notion that bigotry, racism, homophobia and any other defects of the human condition can be justifiable so long as they fall under the aegis (that means shield...) of religious freedom. Also, I would prefer to live in a world where people discuss their social responsibilities and not just the things to which they feel they have a right.

A minor ode to Spin City-

"Four seasons pass and cold is still cold
and the wind chills my bones in the night.
The end doesn't come, it wont
until I've cried tears from both eyes." -J

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