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Today's Links -

Americans Intuitively Judge Atheists as Immoral

It's really hard for me to not cry 'foul' here. If morality were wholly dependent on a belief in a supreme deity, why would a billion people the world over have no belief in a god...?


HUFFINGTON POST: Freedom From Religion as a Civil Right

I don't know if I'd go so far as to wage a social war over the right to be 'free' from religion but I definitely feel that the right to say no to religion is already enshrined in the constitutional principles we already enjoy.

On a more basic level, though, religious belief is not something we're born with. It's a concept we're indoctrinated into as we grow up (and before we're cognisant enough to say yes or no, I might add) so we're 'free' from religion from the outset and then coerced into it as we go along. So returning to that state of freedom is merely just a return to the natural as far as I'm concerned.


Hobby Lobby’s Steve Green launches a new project: a public school Bible curriculum


Public education is suffering enough as it is. It's already shameful that science teachers have doubts or misconceptions about evolution. The religious have encroached far enough into the public sphere. This goes too far...

DAILY BEAST: The Medical Community’s Hidden Abortion-Training War

This certainly illustrates the negative effect religion has on society as a whole. Personally, I think abortion as a means of contraceptive isn't the best way to go. There are certainly easier and less costly ways to go about avoiding pregnancy. That said, I am firmly pro-choice and think it's a travesty that the religious have been allowed to marginalize such an important aspect of women's reproductive health.


WASHINGTON POST: Why not get the state out of the marriage business?

Personally speaking, I think marriage is a joke anyway. It's an outdated legal concept that only in recent times has taken on the 'love' aspect. I think that if you're committed to someone then a legal contract has no bearing on whether you stay with them for life.


OPEN DEMOCRACY: Religion as a human rights liability

Religious Rights should never trump Human Rights. No one is born religious but everyone is born human. It's as simple as that.


'Secular canopy' is keeping European politicians quiet on faith

The U.S. definitely needs a secular canopy, that's for sure... I don't want bigoted religious ideals informing the actions of people who are elected to make decisions for everyone.


HUFFINTON POST CANADA: Why Blasphemy Laws Are Actually Anti-Islamic

Blasphemy laws are the perfect reason why religious law should never trump civil law.


This link wasn't part of the SCA Morning Read but Schlafly is such an annoyance in Atheist circles that I think it deserves to be included in my commentary

HUFFINTON POST: Phyllis Schlafly Claims Women Paid The Same As Men Won't Find Husbands

I find her attitudes on gender dynamics anachronistic. She's stuck in a paradigm where women are dependent on men and always will be. She totally ignores that marriage is no longer the strict lifeline for women that it used to be. We've had years and years of experience to show us that single women can get along just as well as married ones. The same goes for the house husband paradigm. Men can be domestics just the same as women.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, when everyone who was born before 1955 passes on, the world will be a better place. Now that's not an age-ist statement, that's a matter of generational fact. When the influence of older generations is marginalized (or eliminated entirely) the sensibilities of the younger sets take over and I think the radical social changes of the 1960s influenced people in such a way as to make for a better social consciousness going forward. As for Phyllis Schlafly...I say laugh at the absurdity. Laugh loud, laugh often...


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"Nostradamus did for bullshit what Stonehenge did for rocks." - Cecil Adams

"Four seasons pass and cold is still cold
and the wind chills my bones in the night.
The end doesn't come, it wont
until I've cried tears from both eyes." -J

I'm a 30-something loon who doesn't quite know where all the pieces fit, nor do I even know if they are all in the box...

Additionally, I am active in my local Atheist scene and support social equality in the broad sense. Anything I can do under the law should be available to all reasonable Americans regardless of circumstance. I take great exception to the notion that bigotry, racism, homophobia and any other defects of the human condition can be justifiable so long as they fall under the aegis of religious freedom. Also, I would prefer to live in a world where people discuss their social responsibilities and not just the things to which they feel they have a right.

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