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Not much to say here. Things are pretty much the same as they were before, apart from the fact that I stood outside the recent Iowa Fundie Freedom Summit in protest with my fellow heathens last Saturday. Of course, after seeing a video excerpt of Sarah Palin's speech...let's just say I haven't the words. Twit just doesn't do that woman justice... :facepalm:

Feature - Assholes in the News!

*‘No Gays Allowed’ Law Set To Pass In Virginia
*SC lawmakers move to legislate against same-sex marriages
*Anti-Gay Virginia Billboard: 'Pre-Emptive Strike' Targeting Lawmakers?
*Republicans: 'We'll defend life'
*West Virginia abortion ban bill filed again after veto
*House committee opposes bill allowing ministers to refuse gay marriages
*Upstate lawmakers propose bills to stop SC same-sex marriage
*Wyoming bill would require abortion doctors to tell women that they can see ultrasound image of fetus
*Michigan 'Religious Freedom' Bill Returns
*Ex-Atlanta fire chief files discrimination complaint against City
*GOP pushes abortion bill through House on March for Life Day

Today's Links -


Lebanon's religious courts are failing women, HRW says

Yet another 'wonderful' example of why religious law should never supersede civil law...


Antitheism and the Art of the "Hitch Slap"

We miss you Chris! :hug:


New York Times editorial board takes a bold stand for reproductive rights

And why not...? This War on Women the GOP seems to have a hard-on to perpetuate is fucking absurd and needs to end.


Slamming Science: Pat Robertson Claims Evolution Is To Blame For Lack Of Miracles In America

I take comfort in the fact that the more bullshit this asshole spews, the less seriously people take him as a public figure. I take even greater comfort in the fact that he'll be dead soon... :nod:


Santorum and Huckabee Question Authority

THE POWER OF REASON COMPELS ignore these dipshits. Can I get a RA-men?!


A brief political history of religious exemptions

A decent read, albeit a concise one. Frankly, I don't care how loud believers squawk, religious exemptions that debase human dignity need to end, and now!


Denver's Azucar Bakery Under Investigation For Allegedly Refusing To Bake Anti-Gay Cake

And this, boys and girls, is why the RFRA needs to be removed from the legal code. When bigoted fucks are allowed to use the law to institutionalize their vile bullshit, it debases us all and spits in the eye of reason.


California measles outbreak shows how quickly disease can resurface in U.S.

And to all you anti-vax idiots out there - STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!


GODLESS: Atheist Coalition Spends Big To ‘Transform’ America

Good Deal! A secular America is a more free, not to mention equal, America. :nod:


Here's How The Anti-Abortion Movement Plans To Modernize Its Approach

In other words - "We're going to spout even more absurd bullshit in an effort to convince people that our bigoted feces doesn't stink..."


Top academics volunteer to take 100 lashes for Raif

While I applaud the effort, what should really be taking place here is that the religious cunts who are forcing the lashings should be made to, um, I don't know...NOT FUCKING ADMINISTER THE LASHINGS!!!!!!!


Just another day for you and me in paradise, or so the lyric goes. Of course, the point of the song is that people tend to ignore the unpleasant (and blatantly obvious) aspects of reality they encounter on a daily basis. I'm not going to dive into scare-monger territory but I really do feel like certain things are coming to head in this country of ours and if reasonable people grow too complacent then bad shit is bound to occur. Be vigilant, be aware, be ready. Reason may call you to its defense at any time...


Today's Extra Link(s) (not part of the SCA Morning Read) -



And the 1% wonder why people have a bad view of them... LOL :facepalm:


Michele Bachmann May Go From Congress to Prison as DOJ Launches Investigation

I don't know whether to laugh or...laugh... :rofl:


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Nothing is Popular Without Popular Consent...

"Nostradamus did for bullshit what Stonehenge did for rocks." - Cecil Adams

My name is J. I'm a 30-something loon who doesn't quite know where all the pieces fit, nor do I even know if they are all in the box... I'm an Atheist of the Antitheist variety. What this means is that I reject any and all god claims (as an Atheist) and I stand against all expressions of religion within the human sphere (as an Antitheist). Additionally, I am active in my local Atheist/Humanist scene and support social equality in the broad sense. Anything I can do under the law should be available to all reasonable Americans regardless of circumstance. I take great exception to the notion that bigotry, racism, homophobia and any other defects of the human condition can be justifiable so long as they fall under the aegis (that means shield...) of religious freedom. Also, I would prefer to live in a world where people discuss their social responsibilities and not just the things to which they feel they have a right.

A quote (rather, a paraphrase...) of mine from a recent discussion - "In order for freedom of expression to properly live up to the mission for which it was devised, that of emboldening the human spirit, freedom of religion needs to be curtailed to a certain degree. Basically, I advocate for a prohibition on any acts or deeds in the name of religion that adversely interfere with the dignity of individuals in their everyday lives and the basic humans rights to which they are entitled."

Sayings -

"Everyone is born human. No one is born religious. HUMAN RIGHTS come first."

"Nothing is more dangerous in the wrong hands than faith."

"Opinions are meaningless without credible facts to support them."

"The line between protecting liberty and enforcing tyranny is measured by the number of jackboots on the ground and sticks in hand."

A minor ode to Spin City-

"Four seasons pass and cold is still cold
and the wind chills my bones in the night.
The end doesn't come, it wont
until I've cried tears from both eyes." -J

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Don't see why you can't take constructive criticism on your pro-atheist pictures. 
CorSecAgent Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
It's not that I can't take constructive criticisms, it's that I'm done with suffering through the headaches that come with ignorant and naive repudiations from religious people. I mean, if most people actually understood the proper definition of 'constructive criticism', to say nothing of the actual meaning of the word 'evidence', there wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, social networks aren't known for promoting competent intellect and constructive discourse.
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