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Yeah...I got way behind. 2015 started off on a down note and so far I've had more down notes than up notes, to say the least. On the plus side, there's some progress being made by myself and a cohort to get a Recovering from Religion group started in the area. We still have a lot to sort out but we're getting there step by step.

Just a quick note for people view this on the Secular Human blog, I don't get notified of comments made to my posts there so if you have something you want me to see, please submit it to the corresponding journal post on my main profile.
Feature - Assholes in the News!

*Religious groups say new D.C. laws violate constitutional freedoms
*Curtis, Harrington co-sponsor 'religious freedom' bill
*Alabama judges vow to stop officiating at weddings as same-sex marriage ban ends Monday
*New Jersey Court Throws out 'Under God' Discrimination Case, 'God Is Not A Dirty Word'
*Religious liberty bills get hearing in Indiana Senate
*Mormon critic John Dehlin is excommunicated for ‘apostasy’
*Gaston Co. leaders OK “In God We Trust” courthouse engraving
*Kansas governor rescinds order protecting gay state workers
*Pastor Tony Evans Talks Changing America for Good by Pairing Churches with Public Schools
*Arizona Senate panel OKs ban on abortion insurance policies
*Group seeks anti-abortion amendment to Montana constitution
*Flood Of Abortion-Restricting Bills Filed In State Legislatures Following GOP Sweep

Today's Links -


Congress pushed to recognize 'Darwin Day'

The bullshit Wing-Nut Daily resorts to... I mean, to make such an obvious fallacious leap by saying Darwin tied evolution to an astronomical measure like the distance of the Earth from the Sun is...fucking ignorant just doesn't do this one justice. I've heard tell of parents attending school board forums on new Iowa science standards to voice their "I don't want my kids learning about evolution" bullshit and my response is this - I don't want your kids to participate in society as adults if they aren't taught proper science. And from the looks of this article, they wont be if you ignorant fucks get your way.


Godless Parents Are Doing a Better Job

And how do we like them apples, Mr. Christian...? Hmm...? Well, we (meaning reasonable secularists) like them just fine. :D


Supreme Court Won't Stop Gay Marriages In Alabama

Those religious fucks in Alabama really need to get a clue... The future is coming and discrimination is not a part of it.


Opposition grows against anti-discrimination bill

No reasonable person stands in the way of progress and equality is progress.


Obama spoke the truth at National Prayer Breakfast

Some people just can't handle reality...


Orange County school board bans religious, political materials distribution

I suppose this is the only reasonable position to take, though I find the "It costs too much to defend these cases" excuse an absolute cop-out...


Darwin Day pits atheists against believers

No, what it does is pit reality against the wishful thinking and fairy tales of religious people.


Georgia public school teachers humiliate kids for not praying to ‘God our Father’: lawsuit

Fucking pricks. Shame is one of the most detestable tools of conformity used by religious people.


On Darwin Day, 5 facts about the evolution debate

It's fucking pathetic how divorced from reality some people are on evolution. It's a fact, deal with it, move on.


HB322 could elevate freedom of religion above other constitutional rights

How about this, boys and girls - let's take our legal code back to the dark ages and re-institute 'might makes right' duels to decide our conflicts of ideology... :facepalm:


Award-winning photo captures effects of homophobia in Russia

It's gut-wrenching how backward some places on this planet still are...


No idea what to say here. I'm a little too numb to feel anything at the moment.


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Nothing is Popular Without Popular Consent...

"Nostradamus did for bullshit what Stonehenge did for rocks." - Cecil Adams

My name is J. I'm a 30-something loon who doesn't quite know where all the pieces fit, nor do I even know if they are all in the box... I'm an Atheist of the Antitheist variety. What this means is that I reject any and all god claims (as an Atheist) and I stand against all expressions of religion within the human sphere (as an Antitheist). Additionally, I am active in my local Atheist/Humanist scene and support social equality in the broad sense. Anything I can do under the law should be available to all reasonable Americans regardless of circumstance. I take great exception to the notion that bigotry, racism, homophobia and any other defects of the human condition can be justifiable so long as they fall under the aegis (that means shield...) of religious freedom. Also, I would prefer to live in a world where people discuss their social responsibilities and not just the things to which they feel they have a right.

A quote (rather, a paraphrase...) of mine from a recent discussion - "In order for freedom of expression to properly live up to the mission for which it was devised, that of emboldening the human spirit, freedom of religion needs to be curtailed to a certain degree. Basically, I advocate for a prohibition on any acts or deeds in the name of religion that adversely interfere with the dignity of individuals in their everyday lives and the basic humans rights to which they are entitled."

Sayings -

"Everyone is born human. No one is born religious. HUMAN RIGHTS come first."

"Nothing is more dangerous in the wrong hands than faith."

"Opinions are meaningless without credible facts to support them."

"The line between protecting liberty and enforcing tyranny is measured by the number of jackboots on the ground and sticks in hand."

A minor ode to Spin City-

"Four seasons pass and cold is still cold
and the wind chills my bones in the night.
The end doesn't come, it wont
until I've cried tears from both eyes." -J

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